ACS President Provost Jakhin

Project-Coordinator India Prakash

Teacher Rizza

English teacher Nanu

Sewing teacher Susmar

Teacher Reena

Assistant teacher Babanali

Music teacher (Guitar-Drums) Ajoga

Music teacher (Keyboard-Guitar) Rinku

Music teacher (Guitar) Suroj

Assistant Jeevan

Mr. Prakash Khora is our reliable coordinator in India. He has a great deal of experience in NGO work, a good sense of situations and traditions, and he is caring and respectful in his contact with the people. We can always count on him and we owe him a large part of our success.


Together with provost Jakhin Huika, he manages the project in Orissa. Jakhin is the president of the ACS (Adivasi Christiya Samaj) of the Adivasi department of the Evangelical Lutheran Jeypore Church. He is the short and direct line to the management of the Jeypore Church and knows the living conditions of the children and teenagers in the area very well. He has great influence in the churches and without him many things would be unthinkable. The other coworkers also work with great enthusiasm and much love in our project.


Our three music teachers teach in two places, the four teachers of the reading and writing program are working in four places, the English teacher in three places, the two tailor teachers in two villages, and the assistant teacher supporting the state teacher in the school Chikalamari, gives the necessary tutoring and runs the kindergarten.


And four employees wash the clothes of the smaller students at the boarding schools.


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