Donations are a highly sensitive topic

The project lives exclusively on donations. These are generally paid by the donors directly to the account of the ZMÖ in Hamburg. No one of us has access to this account. Each cent will be forwarded by ZMÖ directly to the treasury department of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jeypore. On site in India, only the responsibleprovost and our project coordinator have account authorisation. With original receipts, every spending must be verified. For purchases involving 20,000 Rupees or more (about 300 euros) several cost estimates are required before the decision is made.

Each purchase is also inventoried. All items, instruments, bicycles, computers, etc. are only loaned to the users.They remain property of the project. Once a year, the entire budget is audited by a business agency in India. Twice a year we visit the project. The travel expenses are not paid by donations, but covered privately. The donations thus flow without any deduction into the project.





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Dr. A. Siegemund

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