has selected our project in 2017 to be their sponsorship project

The proceeds from a sponsorship run, a charity evening and other donations from the Heidberg High School in Hamburg will benefit "The Children of Chikalamari". Everybody in the project is very happy about the sponsoring - of course, we are happy and grateful about the endowment, but even more about the recognition of our project work. And especially our employees are excited about so much attention. Many thanks to the Heidberg High School.


After the first treatments, improvements have already noticeable

The now 12-year-old Sameer fell off a tree while playing 8 years ago. He sustained an open thigh fracture, which was not adequately medicated. Sameer can only walk at the moment if he supports the thigh with his hand. With the help of the initiative "Heidberg High School helps" in Hamburg, Sameer was recently examined thoroughly in a specialized hospital. A treatment plan has been established and improvements have already been made after the first treatments. The Hamburg child orthopedist Dr. Zippel has helped us significantly with his expertise.


Justice and Faith

In October 2017, social workers and theologians from Germany offered workshops in the villages of Doliambo and Laxmipur. The church development service of the Evangelical Lutheran Northern Church, Germany has financed this educational training. 80 young Indians have worked for eight days with great interest on the issues of justice between men and women as well as theology. The participants very much wish for a continuation of these workshops.







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